Brief Stabbing Pain? Minor symptom sufferers.

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Brief Stabbing Pain? Minor symptom sufferers.

Postby tmthiessen » Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:59 am

I have a small cm on the right parietal lobe and have not had any symptoms for 10 months now. I just started having very brief sharp stabbing pains in my skull right where the right parietal lobe sits. Fatigue emotional outbursts (which are abnormal for me) are other things that have come along with this new pain. I get about 7 "stabs" per day. Could this be a symptom of a bleed?
My family Dr. referred me to a neurosurgeon after my MRI results found the CM. I have never been contacted regarding it. I am from Manitoba Canada. So am going to call my GP and request a follow up MRI since it has been 1 year since the diagnosis.
Does anyone else who has minor symptoms minimize and have trouble deciding if those symptoms are worth checking out? I really struggle with this. Especially because our local doctors don't understand.
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Re: Brief Stabbing Pain? Minor symptom sufferers.

Postby skpeng » Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:24 am

Stabbing pain goes away for me after surgery, still have residuals on an off, but generally gone. I still have light sensitivity at times, especially bright flashing lights. Fatigue and Unstable emotions comes with the package. Hope my answer helps
Dec 2010 diagnosed with cm left parietal lobe deep in brain palleral to left eye. Bleed with neurological deficit Dec 2012. Right leg weakness and arm.
Dec 2013 removed with the help of Dr. Lee Foo Chiang (via occipital sulcus)
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Re: Brief Stabbing Pain? Minor symptom sufferers.

Postby vandy » Tue Oct 21, 2014 3:46 pm

The stabbing pains are not uncommon. I have them all the time as well. I have multiples and the pains occur in many places and is not limited to one specific area. However I find my temporo-parital lobe lesion on the right to cause a lot of them. My dr.'s have not been able to find new bleeds on MRI, however I do think that activity within the lesion is responsible.

Personally my thoughts on this is that a sudden change in position of the lesion due to movement of the internal blood products of the CA are responsible. I have never been able to find anything in the literature on this, but these are my thoughts on it.

Hope they diminish for you with time.

Best wishes,

Henk :ugeek:
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