Summer 2016 Newsletter Now Available

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Summer 2016 Newsletter Now Available

Postby Connie Lee » Fri Aug 26, 2016 2:44 pm

The Angioma Alliance Summer 2016 newsletter is now available in both interactive and PDF versions. Please read about program plans, events, and more.

The interactive version with embedded video and audio can be found here:
Or, find the PDF here:

In this newsletter, you'll learn about:

    Our current work and plans for future programs to support patients, improve care, and ensure the success of clinical drug trials

    Our next patient conference in Durham, NC on Sept 24th

    A number of events we have scheduled around the country and information on how you can become part of Team Angioma Alliance 2016

    Exciting research updates and opportunities for research participation

    Giving and sponsor opportunities

In the interactive version of the newsletter, you can watch a video interview of Julia DeMichiel and see Ryan Westmoreland sharing his story (

Thank you for learning about and supporting the work of Angioma Alliance. Please visit to continue helping our efforts. As you know, without you, there can be no cure.
Connie Lee
President and CEO, Angioma Alliance
On this journey since 2000, when my infant daughter was diagnosed.
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