New Mexico Genealogy Project - please help

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New Mexico Genealogy Project - please help

Postby Connie Lee » Tue Jan 03, 2017 8:00 pm

Angioma Alliance has taken on the exciting and historic task of constructing the entire family tree of original New Mexico settlers Capitán Cristóbal Baca and Ana Maria Pacheco y Ortiz, who we currently believe are the founding couple of the Common Hispanic Mutation.

We need your help! If your family carries the Common Hispanic Mutation on the CCM1 gene, and Joyce Gonzales, who is now our staff genealogist, does not already have genealogy information for you, please reach out to her via email at to set up a time for a quick talk.

Anything you know about your family can help, even if it's just grandparent names and where they lived. Connecting your family to the tree may lead us to other families. Thank you!
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