Cavernous Hemangioma and TGA

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Cavernous Hemangioma and TGA

Postby suzzysully » Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:52 pm

I had a MRI this week due to constant headaches for months and also my second episode of Transient Global Amnesia (TGA) 2 weeks ago. They found a 5mm benign tumor "Cavernous Hemangioma" in the right frontal lobe.
How worried should I be, what things should I not do, what things should I do, should I wear an alert bracelet, do I need to be careful when exercising, having sex. Is there any particular symptoms I should look out for.
All information very appreciated.
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Re: Cavernous Hemangioma and TGA

Postby gardengirl1975 » Fri Nov 02, 2018 12:16 am

I'm sorry to hear about the headaches and TGA, I have those problems myself. Do you have just headaches, or are they migraines? What kind of amnesia incidents have you encountered? Myself, I have migraines....all the time - 15+ a month. I have 2 cavernomas that have bled, but mine are in the back - occipital and parietal lobes - so close, some mri reports say they are one big one that stretches across, some that they are seperate...who knows... The TGA symptoms I call my "blank outs", " off in the wild blue wander"....I repeat same things over and over, I still drive because I have no choice, but it scares me because I think I'm doing ok, then I suddenly don't know how I got where was going to. Facial recognition problems. Watch a movie, then don't remember what it was, or anything about it. It's scary!
For me, there isn't much in typical life situations I'd say to avoid - alcohol, and medications that make your brain sluggish for sure, but I focus hard, repeat things in my mind to remember, keep a detailed calendar on my phone, post it notes, try to get lots of fresh air, the oxygen helps! B vitamins help.
I've gotten the idea that cavernomas interrupt brain maybe if if your thinking, or acting, and the nerve impulses hit that spot...they "go into the black hole"...another expression.. Have you had "neuropsychological testing"? Good luck, keep your spirits up!
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