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could a angioma cause low blood sugar?

PostPosted: Sun May 05, 2019 11:10 am
by jrryishere
i have familial ccm2:c.130del sequence variant.
i have 2 subfrontal cavernomas.

I'm having multiple episodes of hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) everyday. I'm a little overweight. reasonible diet.

my home blood sugar test shows <1.1mmol/L.
emotions are everywhere. sometimes hard to concentrate and extremely dizzzy.

i've had these symptoms for years but only recently checked my blood glucose.

fasting blood test was 3.3 it never goes high.
my doctor doesn't know what could cause this and suggested a ct.

is it possible I may have a angioma in my pancreas that could cause this. thankyou for your replies.