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Postby murkel » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:54 pm

Hi everyone,
i am new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself. I am 38 and about 3 months ago I started having problems with word finding. It only happened every once in the evening while at home when I was talking to my kids and I chalked it up to being tired. These episodes slowly progressed to the point where I would have 10-15 episodses a day where I was unable to speak at all. They would last anywhere from 10-45 seconds. My first episode happened while I was at work and while I was talking to someone on the phone. I had to hang up on them because I could not say anything. I knew there was something seriously wrong and I immidiatly called my doctor who saw me that day. This was on Monday. On wednesday night I went to sleep and I remember suddenly not feeling well and next thing I new I was waking up surrounded by paramedics in my bedroom. I had a seizure and my husband called 911. I went to the hospital and had a CT along with blood work and that is when my cavernoma was found in my left lobe. I ended up having another grand mal seizure on the friday evening and had to go back to the hospital and I ended up being put on anti-seizure medication. Luckily, i have not had any further seizures since then and my episodes of being unable to speak also stopped as soon as I started the medication. I have had an MRI and seen a neurologist who told me that I will basically have to be on anti-seizure medication for life and will loose my driver's licence for at least 6 months. I don't have any other symptoms at this time that I am aware of. I do get the occasional headache that is relieved by regular OTC medication. I am waiting to be seen at our local Epileptic clinic. This is still very new to me and I am looking to find as much information as possible so that I can ask the right questions when I go to my appointment in couple of weeks. Anyone else out there with seizures related to their cavernoma?
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