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Introduction and question

Postby Dena » Sat Oct 13, 2018 3:55 pm

Hello, I was recently diagnosed with a 8mm CVA, posterior left frontal lobe. Im really grateful to have found this group. The CVA was found incidentally after a concussion and initially confused on CT as a small bleed from the fall, but when it was compared with an MRI I had done in Jan 18, it’s looking more like a CVA. I’m having another MRI tomorrow. At this point it’s hard to differentiate my current neurological symptoms from concussion impact and / or the CVA. As time heals the concussion I’m sure I’ll know more.
I had a question about altitude and impact on CVA; I live in CO, at around 5500 feet. When I’m feeling better, we often hike and camp at altitudes up to 10,00O feet. Is this contraindicated with a CVA ?
Thank you again for creating and maintaining this forum. Sincerely, Dena

I just wanted to post an update that I just received the results of a second MRI and it showed that the CVA is 10mm from 8mm in January. I did have a vasal vagel syncope episode a few months ago, passed out and hit my head very hard on the floor so I’m wondering if that could have made the CVA bleed and get bigger ? I don’t even know if 2mm is significant. And is it not uncommon for the CVAs to change size from time to time with additional MRIs? Sorry for the long post and all the questions.
Thanks again for this site !
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