Some rules of the Forum

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Some rules of the Forum

Postby Connie Lee » Sun Oct 17, 2010 7:01 pm

We are an inclusive, diverse community who share one thing in common - our lives are somehow affected by cavernous angiomas. This is primarily a place for asking questions and sharing your own experiences in order to support others. Keeping that in mind, please respect the following rules:

1. Please be tolerant of and sensitive to the religous beliefs, political views, cultures, and lifestyles of other forum members. We will not censor you if you mention in passing that your personal faith has helped you to cope with cavernous angiomas or if you express your political views as they relate to cavernous angioma or share other important but potentially controversial aspects of your life. However, if you encourage others to join your faith, political view, etc. either overtly or by implication, we will ask you to edit or delete your post. Equally, if you disparage or debate another member's choice of faith, political affiliation, culture, or lifestyle, we will ask you to edit or delete. Please don't initiate a post that invites this type of discourse. For example, "How my religion helps me cope" or "My political party saved my life" are not appropriate topic titles for the Community Forum. Please do not use member email or PM to proselytize. Finally, please try to understand the spirit of this rule and do not look for loopholes.

2. As tempting as it may be, please try to refrain from offering medical advice. It is perfectly appropriate to share your personal experience with a particular medication, procedure, or symptom.

3. Please do not use profanity on the site.

4. Please try to start a new topic when your post is not addressing the original question or comment of the topic title. This makes it much easier when newcomers try to search archives for specific information. It is also a way to show respect for the original poster.

At the discretion of the Board Administrator, multiple violations of Rules 1 or 3 will lead to your being placed on permanent moderated status so that your posts will not appear on the site until a moderator has read and approved them.

Thank you very much for observing these rules. We hope they will help to keep this a safe and caring community for everyone.
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