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Re: My experience with cannabis and my CA

Postby var281 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 2:32 pm

My state legalized medical cannabis. I have been using Medical Cannabis off and on for treating my spinal cord conditions for the past couple years. I am not a stoner and was not interested in using these products before I had the CM bleeds. I have tried smoking, vaping, and oil. The thing that works best for me is smoking it in a glass bubbler. I clean it with rubbing alcohol with each use to remove the resins, which will build up and cause more side effects that are unwanted, such as feeling excessively stoned. However after a few weeks of using cannabis, it worsens its benefits to side effects ratio, so I have to take a few weeks off.

With the flower product smoked with a glass bubbler, I find that it relieves my pain fairly well. I am mixing a high CBD flower and a THC centric flower 50-50, both that were provided by the legal medical dispensary. I don't feel particularly stoned compared to the street MJ strains and it has a very consistent effect. My leg muscles do not feel as tightly spasmed and I am able to move around smoother. I do not have the outward appearance of a pain sufferer. It is helpful to use after the rehabilitative workouts I do so that I can avoid a flare up in spinal cord symptoms. The trick is to use very very small amounts, getting a glass piece that has a very small opening or using a filter screen or a small clean pebble. I like using a small clean pebble, putting it into the bowl and then putting a small amount of ground up flower on top, it creates a "nug plug" that lets you use a very small amount without it being sucked into the water. And I avoid using it more than two times a week.

I have tried three brands of CBD oils, but they do not work very well for me. I haven't found that they relieved the pain very well and they left me feeling drunk. The biggest complaint I have with it is it makes me feel very dumb. I have trouble reading or doing mental math and with visual spacial coordination. It is not like feeling stoned which you might get from traditional flower marijuana but more similar to alcohol intoxication. Most people do not seem to have that problem with it, I am not sure if it is particular to me or if the oils that I have tried are low quality or adulterated.

I tried making a CBD vapor fluid to be used with an e-cigarette "box mod" using propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and dissolved CBD crystalline based on a recipe I found online. The result was an even more drunken feeling than the CBD oil, so I do not think CBD agrees with me. It is odd because it is often described as the pain relieving properties of MJ without the high. It definitely does not have a high for me, it has a different level of intoxication more similar to alcohol.

The high CBD flower seems to relieve my pain better than the oil and with less drunken feeling. It may be the relatively small amount of THC in the flower that is the source of my benefit.
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