Can i do boot camp? Exercise question...

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Can i do boot camp? Exercise question...

Postby DarcyTBell » Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:26 pm

Hoping for some guidance on this. I was literally just diagnosed two days ago. Have 6 lesions, 5 are small and dormant, one is 1.5 cm and has had a recent bleed, and at least one other bleed. Am seeing a specialist on Monday. Initially, I had a killer headache, now gone. I have 2 young kids and a demanding full time job, and the most important time of my day is my exercise time which lets me just focus on me. I had been going 6 days a week to 1) cardio boot camp: 45 minutes of high intensity cardio with short rests in between, 2) Cardio kick boxing - also 45 minutes of boxing a bag and strength training, and 3) TRX - 60 minutes of cardio and strength training.

The dr at the ER said i should stop anything very strenuous. Although he said jogging and cycling would be fine. I am in very good physical shape, and really want to keep my routine. Most of the info I read on this board seems to say if you are up for the exercise do it, but since the dr told me not to, I am totally confused. Can anyone point me to an official take on the exercise question? Would the recency of the bleed impact the recommendation to take it easy? Thanks so much. I just know this will help me feel more normal today, but dont want to do something that will impact my health.
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Re: Can i do boot camp? Exercise question...

Postby Elizabeth » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:23 pm

Sorry you've been dx, but glad u found us. They recently published these scientific recommendations. The "exercise" and related activities are near the bottom. There has always been a lot of different opinions on exercise. I personally was given no exercise restrictions and used to uneventfully do all of the intense exercise you described before I was dx. But after my angioma started to bleed(I think because of my first pregnancy), I felt sick every time I tried to do intense exercise. I have tried several times and for some reason, I can no longer tolerate it. :(

Here are the scientific recommendations:

Just listen to your body, you will find ur comfort zone.
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Re: Can i do boot camp? Exercise question...

Postby Michelle2000 » Mon Jun 19, 2017 2:45 am

Hello, Darcy, and welcome.

It took us quite awhile and several doctors (because we got diametrically opposed opinions) to track down an answer to a similar question about weightlifting for my son. The main concern as we understand it is activity causing a spike in blood pressure. He isn't allowed to do exercises that put the head below the heart for very long (such as some yoga positions), and when he lifts he is to be sure to be using good breathing technique (no breath holding). He has done well with this. He is not allowed to do any contact sports, either.

Of course, lesion location, symptoms, and bleed history are individual factors your doctor would consider.

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