Is Ginkgo tea safe for cavernous angioma in brain?

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Is Ginkgo tea safe for cavernous angioma in brain?

Postby » Wed Sep 20, 2017 8:05 am


Does anyone know if consuming ginkgo tea from fresh leaves is safe for someone who has a cavernous angioma in the brain? How about other natural supplements? I appreciate any replies.

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Re: Is Ginkgo tea safe for cavernous angioma in brain?

Postby Elizabeth » Thu Sep 21, 2017 1:26 am

I'm not a doctor, and i am not giving medical check anything I say with ur doctor of course. thoughts in ginkgo are no. Don't take or use it. I think it increases blood pressure and I'm guessing that's not good. I took ginkgo supplements a few times long before I knew I had a cavernous angioma and they made me sick...dizzy I never took again anyways. If ur looking for a tea for energy...I think you should consider matcha tea instead. I couldn't find anything dangerous about it and did find tons of research on the possible benefits. Its packed with antioxidants and it works well for my afternoon fatigue. Be very careful with supplements. It seems all the good popular ones are blood thinning and potentially dangerous for us. I personally don't take any and try to get all my nutrition from foods. I recently bought a vitamix and I love I can easily increase my organic fresh fruit and veggie consumption. I use it every single day and I think I feel better...placebo?? Maybe...I don't works for me. Good luck!
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