Anyone tried newer alternative therapies?

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Anyone tried newer alternative therapies?

Postby drchnbch » Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:30 pm


I have had a brainstem CA, diagnosed in 2007. I previously used this website under a different un. Anyways, I have had 2 surgeries now to remove the angioma, the last one being a year ago. My surgeon was rather confident he took out all of the mass and that I was healed. I had a one year post-op MRI a few weeks ago and that darn summary line says "Redemonstration of cavernous angioma in right pontomedullary junction."


So, while awaiting the results call from my surgeon I have been ravaging the internet for new information about angiomas. My husband and I were under the impression that angiomas do not "grow" but my research is showing otherwise. We asked my surgeon last year if the angioma could/would grow back and he seemed sure that it wouldn't. What are your experiences with this?

Also, as the topic line indicates, I am interested in getting a second opinion from Dr. Gary Steinberg at Stanford. I see rave reviews about him on here from a couple of you fellow posters and his research & surgical interests are rather impressive. Has anyone tried ontogenetic or stem cell transplantation therapy for post-surgery deficits? What were your experiences like and would you recommend any of these therapies?

I'm at the point where I'm not willing to have anymore surgeries to remove the angioma in a traditional way. My angioma has been aggressively re-bleeding since its diagnosis 10+ yrs ago and my surgeries just seem to cause more harm and turmoil in my life.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I look forward to your responses!

Also - I don't use FB (I know, I know) so please don't just direct me there! :D
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