Does anybody know about Intergrative Medicine studies?

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Does anybody know about Intergrative Medicine studies?

Postby sgennett » Thu Mar 03, 2011 7:38 pm

Our heads are swirling about results and I will do anything to help my husband.

I wish I knew of a neurologists/surgeons that worked with alternative/intergrative meds that could help or even studies.

I have been GOOGLING veins and artery strengthening foods/ vitamins/ herbs to speak to our neuro about.

Because 9 months later if you are taking care of yourself what then caused another ccm? Foods are chemicals there must be something out there we just haven't found it yet, yeah I know of no crap Sherlock right? Anyway I know I know very little but I am trying an I feel there is more out there that is being ignored like foods and supplements which IF it is ok is a far better choice than surgery that can cause more damage than good.

Of course we are always told by neuro it is ok to take any pain meds, avoid asprin and it is ok to lift heavy things...I say no way to heavy things.

I have a difficult time believing that veins and arteries can't be strengthened by foods and/ or supplements which makes no sense because they can be weakened by them. I wish there was more we knew about ccms OR Integrative medicine, OR NEW STUDIES. Has anybody heard of any besides the statin ones? When you feel scared know there is somebody praying and offering well wishes of health to all!
My gentle hero, my husband had a CCM diagnosed in 08 in lower left parital lobe, midbrain, surgery would cause more damage than just leaving it. 2nd BUNCH of them just diagnosed in similar area 2/2011 but on bottom rt parital lobe. That is all we know right now.
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Re: Does anybody know about Intergrative Medicine studies?

Postby kirkmc » Thu Mar 03, 2011 9:02 pm

Cavernous angioma is a rare enough condition that research into it is relatively new. I would be very, very careful about looking for any "alternative" solutions to cavernous angioma. I can tell you that there is one scammer who sells some sort of product that is supposed to cure CAs, but it is bogus.

Also, many "supplements" are not what they claim to be, and can be detrimental to your health, especially to CAs. There are many herbs that have blood thinning effects, that you won't know about unless you do careful research.

It's wonderful to think that there are "alternative" solutions to medical problems, but, in the vast majority (99% ?) of cases, when these things are studied seriously, it turns out that they don't work, or are no better than placebo. If you're depressed or anxious, placebo may help, but not when it's a strictly mechanical problem such as what we have.
Two brainstem CAs in the pons. Big Bleed in July 2005, previous, undiagnosed bleeds in 1982 and 1987, and several smaller bleeds in the past few years. I live in a town in the French Alps.
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Re: Does anybody know about Intergrative Medicine studies?

Postby Logcabin » Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:16 am

I understand the need to want to try alternative medicine. I use it for many of my health issues. However this is quite different. The one thing i would suggest, strictly as a, maybe it might help a little. Would be looking from the cellular level look at supplement that might work with or target the cells specifically. Certain algeas help with remineralization of bone. If it is not to far advanced it at times cane even help reverse osteopena. See if you can find a doctor in ayruvedic medicine. But this must clearly be followed and treated by a medical doctor. I hope this helps.

I have 1 CA left frontal lobe, hemmorhage April 28, 2010
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Re: Does anybody know about Intergrative Medicine studies?

Postby jld13072 » Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:15 pm

I've done some research on Bioflavonoids. They are suspose to help strengthen thin capillary walls. I take Ester C 500mg. (when I can remember to take them)

i found this on a google search: ... indianscom ... ening.html
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